Laundry Duct Cleaning

The presence of lint, clothing fibres and dust within a laundry duct poses the potential risk of fire breaking out within the ventilation system. Crystal Surface has undertaken the cleaning of laundry ducting within hospitals, hotels, Care homes, launderette's and prisons. Our highly trained staff can draw upon years of experience to overcome issues such as a lack of  access to the ventilation system, operating in cramped and difficult  working conditions or operating around the clients current work schedule. We provide before and after images, and reports.


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Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

As with all cleaning requirements, the specific programme for any individual establishment can only properly be determined with an on-site inspection. 

Our specialists will do an initial inspection of your system to advise you on a programme designed for its needs and advise you on how to most cost-effectively manage the fire risk associated with your laundry system. 

For example, we might advise a regular programme of inspections and cleaning typically every 6 to 12 months (depending on usage). The inspection would check that the filters are correctly secured and examine the duct work for levels of contamination. All contamination would be removed from the entire length of the ventilation system, before tidying up and making good the working area. 

You will be issued with written certification of the work carried out and the specific standards followed which you can keep as a formal record for your insurers on completion of each phase. 

Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

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You may have an efficient system for...


You may have an efficient system for ensuring fabrics such as bed linen and towels are properly laundered to the highest hygiene standards, but have you thought about the ventilation and extraction system in your laundry? 

Whenever laundry such as towels and bedding are washed and dried in a Laundry, large amounts of fibre and dust are given off. This is vented into the laundry extract system, where a significant proportion of this material can get through the filters and settle on the inside of the extract duct. This reduces the area in your vents leading not only to less efficient removal of the hot, moist air, but also to a significant fire risk. 

It's surprising how often laundry extract systems catch fire.

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