Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Crystal Surface provide a comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning service to a wide variety of businesses from restaurants and bars, to factories and any other type of business that operates a commercial kitchen. 


Don't take the risk. Be Safe, Be Legal, Be Certified!

A high-quality kitchen extraction clean at a price you can easily afford

Crystal Surface provides a professional service carried out by fully qualified trained engineers. Our professional kitchen duct cleaning service removes built up grease and dirt ensuring all your equipment meets the safety requirements.

How often should commercial kitchen ducts be cleaned?

The build up of grease and fat deposits in commercial kitchens is a serious fire risk and if kitchen duct cleaning is not carried out regularly your insurance may be invalid.  In fact, it is now a requirement of insurance companies that all grease extraction plant and ducting is cleaned frequently by an accredited specialist company.

Using specialist kitchen duct cleaning services is also advisable to ensure commercial kitchens are kept clean and free from grease or fat deposits; which promotes healthy public food preparation and ensures food prep areas remain hygienic.

A high-quality kitchen extraction clean at a pr...

Industry standards for duct cleaning:

The in...

Industry standards for duct cleaning:

The industry standard for grease extraction systems encompasses canopies, fans, filters and ducting is set by The Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association (HVCA).  Its best practice guide, TR/19, Part 7 sets out the level of contamination that is allowed before a complete clean is required.

A recommendation of the frequency of cleans necessary, based on usage, so that a kitchen that is subject to:

Light use (between three and six hours each day)

Deep cleaning of ducts and extraction systems should take place every twelve months. 

Medium use kitchens (used between six and twelve hours each day)

Duct cleaning should take place every six months. 

Heavy use (between twelve and sixteen hours each day)

Duct cleaning should take place every three months.

What we offer

We ensure that your kitchen complies with industry standards and TR/19 stipulations. This includes catering equipment, grease extraction, and ventilation systems. We ensure that your commercial kitchen is clean and safe, not only guarding against germs and bacteria, but also against the danger of fire that can be caused through non and poorly cleaned grease extraction units.

All kitchen grease extraction ductwork that is cleaned by Crystal Surface duct cleaners, is cleaned to a high standard.

Our highly qualified duct cleaning staff all have up-to-date confined space training, rope attachment and harness training. Our staff also have full CRB checks done every 6 months and also all have be trained to clean ductwork to a TR/19 certification enabling us to work on any job in all areas of the country. 

Call Crystal Surface for any duct cleaning, canopy cleaning or fan cleaning. We also do one-off cleans.

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What we offer

We ensure that your kitchen co...

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