Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen canopies and filters soon become grease laden and unhygienic, especially in busy kitchens operating for six hours a day and more.

Our highly skilled and experienced kitchen canopy and duct cleaning specialists will restore your canopy and filters to nearly new condition using the latest cleaning techniques.


Don't take the risk. Be Safe, Be Legal, Be Certified!

Canopy Cleaning Process

Our proven systems, ...

Canopy Cleaning Process

Our proven systems, always produce amazing results far beyond our customer’s Initial expectations, which is why they call us back year after year and why Crystal Surface are without doubt leading experts in canopy cleaning. 

The canopy will firstly be hand scraped; removing the bulk of burnt in grease, a powerful foam de-greasing agent will then be used to remove the remaining remnants. Once the canopy has been restored to a clean state, a buffing process will begin using special steel polish to bring it back to its original condition.

When all work is completed, a certificate of compliance / hygiene will be issued which is recognised and accepted by your Insurance Company, demonstrating that competent cleaning work has been carried out on your canopy / hood  and extract system.

Call us to arrange an initial canopy cleaning inspection or to help with any other needs on 07943 402304 or email us

Removing Grease Accumulations

Grease accumulations in grease extract ventilation systems (invariably linked to catering and cooking facilities) present a significant fire hazard if not cleaned. It is not unusual for grease extract ductwork to run through an entire building to reach a roof level exhaust, thereby putting the whole building and its occupants at risk in the event of fire.

Thorough, professional canopy cleaning can remove all fire hazardous grease deposits from the internal surfaces of the ductwork which is essential.

At a recent seminar a fire authority representative stated "Uncleaned grease extract ventilation systems present probably the greatest potential fire risk in buildings with catering facilities".

The Fire Safety Order requires owners and managers of buildings to ensure the Grease Extract Ventilation System is included in the Fire Risk Assessments and action taken to eliminate any potential fire risk.

Removing Grease Accumulations

Grease accumul...

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