Spotless Hygiene for Commercial Kitchens

Don't take the risk. Be safe, be legal, be certified!


Crystal Surface is an energetic and hard-working cleaning company that really knows its stuff. Highly qualified and with years of experience in getting down and dirty with the unhygienic bits. Keeping your kitchen and ducting areas in a fit state so that your chefs and their teams can get on and delight your customers is what Crystal Surface are all about.

All work carried out is evaluated and up to TR/19, the highest of standards. Many insurance companies now insist that grease extract systems are cleaned to TR/19 as part of the warranty within the policy. Delighting kitchen teams throughout the UK depends on an attitude with two driving factors:

  • Making sure the work is carried out to a high standard
  • Making sure it is completed ahead of the deadline

Our top of the range technology doesn't mean we charge extra - we will actually MATCH any other written quote.

Our Pneumatic Brushing / Foaming System

We are able to clean any ducts, including horizontal ducts, vertical ducts, round ducts and rectangular ducts. We adapt the brush according to the shape of duct.

So you know how we work, here's how we can help:

  • We ensure a clean and safe ventilation system to meet with Fire Prevention Regulations.
  • We enhance System Performance to avoid smoke and odours.
  • Our chemical products are biodegradable, harmless to humans and the environment.
  • The use of our system for your commercial and industrial duct cleaning is unmatched by any manual technique.
  • This design makes the brush travel precisely in the centre of the duct to a distance of up to 80 feet.
  • Another new feature is an adjustable, automatic left-to-right run system which makes cleaning of square ducts just as easy as round ducts. Just feed the shaft down the duct, and our machine will do the rest..
  • High-quality craftsmanship and innovative construction: our Duct Cleaning machine is your way to a better cleaning job.
Our Pneumatic Brushing / Foaming System

We a...

Why go to these lengths?

The most efficient ...

Why go to these lengths?

The most efficient and hardworking extraction system in the world is only going to attract more dust, grease and germs, because this is what they do, so, the better they are, the more likely they are to need cleaning and be made hygienic.

The benefits of a deep clean from Crystal Surface are immense because, not only will your organisation have a Certificate of Works Carried Out, your equipment will run more efficiently and for longer reducing replacement and downtime costs.

Not many commercial food establishments realise that hygienic deep cleaning certificates are now required to form part of their insurance cover.

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