Fire Damper Testing and Maintenance

Fire / smoke dampers are installed within a ventilation system to maintain the integrity of the fire walls the ductwork passes through.

We offer our customers a professional approach to fire damper testing / validation works. We issue a detailed spread sheet complete with photographic evidence which forms part of the buildings health and safety document.


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Our team of experienced engineers carry out all...

Our team of experienced engineers carry out all required tests on the various types of fire dampers to ensure they will operate correctly in the event of a fire. We are also able to carry out remedial works and any modifications to ductwork / failed fire dampers to ensure they are compliant.

Crystal Surface carry out fire damper testing, inspection, and maintenance on over 30,000 fire dampers every year in accordance with BS9999 standards. All of our service teams are qualified and competent persons for the inspection and test of fire dampers.

Mechanical fire dampers and automated fire dampers are all cleaned, inspected and reported in accordance with current ndustry standards.

Fire damper repair work will be identified if necessary and a plan for resolving access issues, fixings or fire stopping to each area.

All dampers are asset tagged, photographed, cleaned and drop tested and detailed in a full report utilising our bespoke software package.


Fire Damper - A fire damper is defined as; “A movable closure within a duct which is operated automatically or manually and is designed to prevent the passage of fire”

Regular Maintenance

Fire dampers should be inspected annually as a minimum for correct function and condition in line with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and physically cleaned when required. Inspection and functional testing of smoke/fire dampers should be separately specified.

Maintenance of dampers is often overlooked as part of an overall maintenance regime, following the adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Dampers are located within ventilation and air conditioning ducts and designed to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork. This process forms a critical part of any passive fire strategy. In the event of a rise in temperature, typically caused by heat or smoke, the damper will close, usually activated by a thermal component. Heat or smoke identified within the system may indicate presence of a fire, which should activate the closure of the damper blades and prevent the spread of fire through the building.

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Fire Damper - A fire damper is d...

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