Kitchens and Food Preparation Zones

We recognise the importance of your business. That's why when we're deep cleaning your kitchen, we work at a time that is right for you too – we realise that your business needs to be fully functional so, to help, we plan in our visits when it suits you – day or night and twenty-four-seven. We’re here to help.


Don't take the risk. Be Safe, Be Legal, Be Certified!

Here’s a handy thing – Crystal Surface offers a part/full cleaning service in our list of kitchen deep clean options so that you can put in your operational plan for maintenance of your essential work areas.

What’s more, you have the ability to choose your own work scheme with the team making visits as a one-off project or, you can plan into your kitchen diary safe and sound in the knowledge that your work areas will have that Crystal Surface cleanliness when and how you scheduled it.

Here’s what Hygiene Director, Nick, said about our successful operation: "There’s a good and sound reason behind our success – we aim to beat the competition hands down (gloves and all) on attention to detail as well as providing our tip-top service at a price that’s just right for you and your operation".

Here’s a handy thing – Crystal Surf...

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