Grease Filter Laundry Service

Our filter laundry service can be programmed to suit your needs. If you notice your filters looking dirty, pick up the phone and we will deliver your clean filters the very next day. We also provide an evening pick up service for clients who wish to have their filters cleaned overnight and back in their canopy the following morning. 


Don't take the risk. Be Safe, Be Legal, Be Certified!

  • Are your kitchen extract filters greasy?
  • Don’t have the time or equipment to clean them properly?
  • Staff not insured to work at height?

Your kitchen extract system's first line of defence is the grease filter. If it is not kept clean the pull through from the kitchen will be affected and in turn the temperature will rise, leading to equipment failure and in the worst case scenario causing an outbreak of fire.

London Fire Brigade reported that there were at least 10 serious fires a week in London involving restaurants/hotels, many of them related they to ductwork due to lack of maintenance to grease filters and cooking with woks. 

They advise that grease and dust deposits inside kitchen ducts are easily ignited by even a small flash fire on or in the fryer, hob or grill. Flames and heat can then quickly spread through the building. 

Call us to arrange an initial Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning inspection or any other needs on 07943 402304 or email us

	Are your kitchen extract filters greasy?

Grease Filter Laundry and Supply Service


Grease Filter Laundry and Supply Service

You can maintain the integrity of your kitchen's grease filters with our grease filter laundry and supply service. 

There are many different forms of grease filters including baffle or mesh, stainless steel, galvanised steel or aluminum. Baffle type grease filters do not require regular replacement but will become damaged if mishandled or dropped. Mesh type grease filters have a reasonable lifespan but the mesh core will eventually corrode and the panel will need replacing. We work with you to establish a laundry cycle tailored to your kitchen's usage and your individual needs. We offer our clients a regular grease filter cleaning service.

A regular grease filter laundry service (weekly or monthly according to your usage pattern) enables us to swap your dirty set for clean set on a regular and predictable basis.

We take the filters away and professionally clean and store them until your next scheduled changeover.

We carry out an inspection at each service and will advise on wear and tear. If damaged we can provide a replacement service. With our service we recommend a secondary set of filters so that the sets can be rotated; this means minimal disruption to the kitchen's operation – the clean set replaces the dirty filters and the kitchen can continue working.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Clean Your Filters 

The process required for regular deep cleaning of kitchen grease filters is often beyond the scope and capacity of those that work in kitchen environments because:

  • Removing filters from grease filter housings may require staff to be working above a safe height – and kitchen equipment may be damaged if stood on to reach the canopy.
  • Incorrectly fitted filters lead to ductwork contamination which can lead to higher cleaning costs and greater exposure to fire risk.
  • Untrained staff risk injury if they use the caustic chemicals and/ or decarbonising hot water required for effective filter cleaning; they are unaware of the correct cleaning procedure and untrained.
  • Inadvertent use or incorrect chemical application may lead to personal injury or damage to property.
  • Your insurance probably does not cover this activity.

We have the knowledge, equipment and capacity to do this on your behalf, helping you to maintain high kitchen hygiene standards and comply with legislation. We can also supply replacement filters at highly competitive rates. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Clean Your Filters...

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